Patreon is a super fun way to get exclusive access and BeckiLamby goodies every month, when you join you’ll be part of the best members only club!

Alright, what is Patreon?  
Patreon is a membership platform where you can support your favourite artists, writers, podcasters, makers and many other types of creatives.

You can sign up to their Patreon, just choose a membership tier and pay monthly for content, exclusive items and more!

What are Patreon membership tiers?  
Patreon membership tiers are the levels of membership you can choose between, each tier will include certain perks you receive each month!

These can include behind the scenes content, downloadable activities and even monthly goodies delivered to your door!

Who can join Patreon?  
Absolutely anyone can become a member of my Patreon!

I have levels for everyone, from £2 a month to get the exclusive behind the scenes up to £10 where you get monthly goodies each month. Every person who signs up to my Patreon helps me put out more beautiful artwork into the world!

What do you offer on Patreon? 
I offer 4 different membership tiers:

Be More Jerry - £2 a month 
See New Comic Tuesdays before they’re released on Instagram
- Exclusive access to behind the scenes of new products coming out
- Participate in polls to help decide new cartoons and comic ideas 
- A Patreon only livestream each month chatting about new ideas, putting the world to rights and everything BeckiLamby!
- Access to the Patreon Secret Shop which has designs unavailable anywhere else.

Snappy Pig - £4 a month
- A monthly downloadable Colouring Page
- A monthly Wallpaper for your phone 
- Vote for the last Sunday Punday joke each month
- And everything in the previous tier!

Doris the Hipmaid - £6 a month (or £8 a month for International)
- 10% off all purchases from my Website
- 3 Exclusive Patreon only stickers or a Sticker Sheet sent monthly 
- And everything in the previous tiers!

Giraffagon - £10 a month (or £13 a month for international)
- 15% off all purchases from my Website
- 2 Exclusive Patreon only postcards sent monthly
- A BeckiLamby exclusive podcast discussing topics from my favourite animation, influences and things important to me!
- And everything in the previous tiers!

How can I sign up?!
Head over to and select which tier you’d like to join, then download the app to keep up to date with the Patreon feed!

Have any questions? Drop me a message over on Instagram!