Cool Tee, where d'ya get it?

I mean, I've never been asked that question but I like to think someone wearing one of my Tee's who gives off a more approachable vibe out in public gets that question like all of the time!

I mean, it's a great question too right? More of us, myself included, are starting to shop clothing more responsibly and going down the slow fashion & vintage route to help our green planet a little more. So of course you want to know where it comes from.

Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm here to make your lives bright, fun and in the process NOT damage the planet (as much as a person possibly can). Plus, we all need kickass Tee's that show off who you are as a human being (apologies to the animals of the world, I wish I could dress you too), I know when I put on my Jerry Tee that I feel super supported and proud to be me, with the added bonus of being so comfy it's like I'm wearing silk PJs.

Anyway, Becki, do you have a point to this blog? Why yes, yes I do inner Becki... Where do my amazing Tee's, Totes and Jumpers come from?!


TeeMill are an amazing company based on the Isle of Wight who print my T-shirts to order and send directly to my wonderful customers! Firstly, how awesome is that? Because there are no minimum orders, no extra journeys for the Tee's and they're basically my neighbours.

Secondly, just wait until you hear how even more awesome they are. Right so, not only do they print to order, but they are super eco-friendly and responsible too. How? Well, let me get my bullet points out...

  • Plastic Free baby! The T-Shirt's are shipped in their super cool sturdy paper packaging, you can even use it to colour in afterwards, it's that cool.
  • 100% Responsibly Sourced Cotton from Cotton Farmers who look after their employees with a good wage and it is all done organically so the environment is well looked after.
  • Factories are powered by Renewable Energy, put on your glasses and hold on tight because those solar panels are sucking up the sun and the wind turbines are spinning away in both factories in which they make and print their garments.
  • Waste Water that is clean enough to drink. Yeah you heard me, they make sure that any waste water that may end up in the earth is cleaned so well that it is drinkable, no nasties ending up anywhere.
  • Last but not least, they offer a recycled T-Shirt range. So any waste materials, including the Tee's you so lovingly wear every day, when they're old and a bit too holey from use, they can be remade into a new T-Shirt because they're all natural. Everyone loves a bit of Natural Beauty eh?

Alright, sold? Well, have a look at some of my favourite designs that are in my shop then and maybe even part with that well earned cash. I wear my Tee's all the time and have done for a year, they're still as good as new!

Mother Earth Mustard Yellow Tee

Be Yourself Tee

You Goat This Grey Tee

#bemoreJerry Green Tee

Recycling is Cool White Tee

Go Green Natural Tote Bag

Got your eye on something? Check out the full range HERE and psssst, there's free shipping every first weekend of the month (which means this weekend at the time I'm writing this!)

Until next time, byeeeee xx