BeckiLamby and our Eco Friendly pledge

Here at BeckiLamby, being Eco Friendly is something that is super important to me, so in this blog post I sum up what that means and why I do it.

Ok Becki, why Eco Friendly?

Ever since I was young, doing projects at school, I have aways imagined having my own business and they always centred around the fact that they would be eco friendly and give a little back to charity. So naturally, when I grew up and seriously considered building my own small business, it was something that had to occur straight off the mark.
I believe that everyone can take small steps in order to make the world a little greener and more sustainable, so as a growing business it is highly important to me that I always stay as Eco Friendly as possible in order to lower the impact of BeckiLamby in the waste world.

So how do you do that?

All of my cards, postcards and prints are printed on 100% recycled card stock with the greeting cards also being made from 100% recycled materials. When introducing new ranges like Washi Tape, Gift Wrap and Pins, I explored the options available and chose the ones that would most keep my Eco Friendly promise.
Therefore our Gift Wrap is printed to order to reduce wastage and is printed on 100% recycled paper stock. The Washi Tape will only ever be standard print (though I love the gold foils) in order for it to be recyclable after use and I even checked with the manufacturer if it was Vegan. I will only ever produce Wooden Pins and Ornaments, as they use so much less energy than their Enamel Pin counterparts whilst also the manufacturer I use sources the Wood from a fast growing responsibly managed forest.
New products in the range will always be considered carefully for their footprint after use is finished and one thing I am looking to improve at the moment is my sticker stock as although it doesn't use PVC, I'd love to find a biodegradable version for the future!

What does that mean for us as your customers?

It means that I am always doing the hardworking of sourcing eco friendly materials for you so you don't have to worry, whilst also giving you high quality products, most of which are made to order so each item feels super special!
The only difference you'll see on my products is the odd recycled light speckle on the card stock but that is it!

What else do you offer that is eco friendly?

I offer BeckiLamby t-shirts from my TeeMill Store, they are a company based on the Isle of Wight who have a factory that is powered entirely by renewable energy! Not only that, they have low waste machinery, source the cotton for their T-shirts responsibly and ensure the cotton workers they buy from have a decent wage and good living conditions.
So, not only can you look incredible wearing a BeckiLamby t-shirt but you can also feel good that it is a form of slow responsible fashion that will last you a long time! Shop my T-shirt range HERE

Have you got any questions about the Eco Friendly business life or about my business specifically? I am always happy to chat, so drop me an email or message me on Instagram!